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    This is an interdisciplinary program which enrolls the elite students from the College of Engineering and the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Its curriculum design adopts the concept of “Retardant Tracking”.-More

◎Curriculum Design
    The students of the program are not divided into certain department in the first year.-More

    Our teachers are specialized in mechanical and automation engineering, computer and communication engineering, and electronic engineering.     -More

◎Overseas Exchange
    Registered students can apply for a short-term research or study in our sister universities overseas.-More

◎Advanced Study
    To pursue a further study in a graduate school or MA program in Taiwan.-More

◎Job Prospects
    First Tech is near Kaohsiung Science Park, Tainan Science Park, Taiwan High Speed Rail, and Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp.-More

   Those who want to study in this program must through the Application for Admission to a Four-year College. Only reading materials are required. (Stop enrollment in the 102th academic year)