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Common curriculum for the first year
Introduction to Internet3
Introduction to Engineering(I)2
Technical English(I)1
Engineering Graphics3
Introduction to Computers3
Introduction to Engineering(II)2
Technical English(II)1
Engineering Graphics Laboratory1
Electricity Laboratory1
The Courses of Electronic Engineering
Electronic Circuits3
Electronic CircuitsLaboratory1
Data structure3
Digital Electronic Circuits3
Practical Projects(Ⅰ)2
Practical Projects(Ⅱ)2
Special Seminars(I)0
Special Seminars(Ⅱ)0
Differential Equations3
Circuits simulation Laboratory1
Fabrication of Semiconductor Devices3
Hardware Description Language3
The Theory of Electricity3
Linear Algebra3
Discrete Mathematics3
Introduction to Electronic Materials3
Assembly Language3
Circuit Theory(Ⅱ)3
Fourier Analysis and Laplace3
Fundamental of FPGA Design Laboratory1
Power Electronics3
Layout experiments of integrated circuits1
Introduction to VLSI Design3
Digital Design3
Digital Design Laboratory1
Windows Programming Design3
Operating System Applications3
Introduction to Programming Logic Design3
Electronic Laboratory1
Programming Language3
Computer Organization3
FPGA Topics Laboratory1
Microprocessor Laboratory1
Microprocessor principle and    applications3
High-Speed PCB Design and Laboratory1
Introduction to Photovoltaic System3
Industrial Practice3
Object-Oriented Programming3
Introduction to the Design and Application of Intelligent Electronic Systems3
Computer Network3
Communications Principles3
Communication Circuits Laboratory1
Signals and Systems3
Introduction to Electro-Optical Engineering3
Digital Signal Processing3
Embedded Real-time Operating System Applications3
RF Circuit Design and laboratory1
Practical Applications of Solar Energy3
High-Frequency Switching Power Supply Circuits3
Introduction to Smart Grid3
Computer network Laboratory1
Complex variables3
Numerical Methods3
VLSI Design3
System-on- Chip Design3
Analog Circuit Design and Laboratory2
Power Converter Design for Renewable Energy3
Power Energy Storage and Power Conversion Techniques3
Energy Conservation and Illumination Design3
Power Converter Hand-on Experience and Simulation Practice2
Random Process3
Design and Performance Analysis of  Emergent Wireless Broadband Technologies3
Embedded Linux Driver Design3
Silicon Intellectural Property Design3
High-Tech Patents2
RF Integrated Circuit  Design3
High power driving Integrated Circuits Design3
Factory Practice3
Industrial Skills Practice3
Field Practice3
VLSI Degign Laboratory2
ASIC Chip Design3
Embedded System Design3
System-on-Chip design Laboratory2
Analog IC Design3
Hardwar/Software Co-design3
Power Conversion Circuits Design3
Digital Communication IC Design3
Advance analog IC layout and design3
Distributed Energy Conbination System3
High Brightness LED Driving System3
Wind-PV Generation System3
RFID principle and Applications3
Advance Applications of Microprocessor3

The Courses of Computer and Communication
Circuit Theory(I) 3
Digital Design Laboratory 1
Electronic Circuits 3
Electronic Circuits Laboratory 1
Probability 1
Microprocessor-Based Applications 3
Practical Projects(Ⅰ) 2
Practical Projects(Ⅱ) 2
Electronic 3
Differential Equations 3
Data structure 3
Linear Algebra 3
Digital Design 3
Introduction to Telecommunications(Ⅰ) 2
Discrete Mathematics 3
Assembly Language 3
Circuit Theory(Ⅱ) 3
Fourier Analysis 3
Introduction to Telecommunications(Ⅱ) 2
Introduction to  Computers(II) 3
Introduction to  Multimedia 3
Windows Programming 3
Operating System Applications 3
Digital Electronic Circuits 3
Random Variables and Statistics 2
Signals and Systems 3
Communications Principles 3
Communications Laboratory 1
Windows Application Programming Lab 1
Algorithms 3
Digital Systems Design 3
Database System 3
Applications of Mobile Operating Systems 3
Web Programming 3
Introduction to Software Engineering 3
Computer network(I) 3
PracticalApplication of Internet Service System 3
Computer Organization 3
Digital Signal Processing 3
Communication Engineering 3
Laboratory of Microwave Components 1
Communication Circuits Laboratory 1
Digital System Laboratory 1
Electromagnetics 3
Microprocessor Laboratory 1
Component-based Software Development Technique 3
High-Tech Patents 3
Digital Television Theory 3
Numerical Method 3
Object-Oriented Software Engineering 3
Complex variables 3
Computer network(II) 3
ICT Industry Laboratory 3
Clound Computing 3
Advanced JAVA Program 3
Practical Operation in Telecommunication Engineering(Ⅰ) 2
Random Processes 3
Digital Image Processing 3
Digital Signal Processor Laboratory 2
Network Management and Information security 3
VLSI Design 3
Software Project Management 3
Wireless Devices Design Laboratory 2
Information Theory and Coding 3
Digital Communication Theory 3
Personal and Mobile Communications system 3
VLSI Design Laboratory 2
Multimedia Database systems 3
OFDM Technologies 3
Digital Speech Processing 3
Internet Service System Software Testing 3
Practical Operation  in Telecommunication Engineering(Ⅱ) 2
Practical Operation in Factory 3
Practice Internship 3
Field Practice 3
Color Video Signal Processing 3
Computer Graphics 3
Multimedia Design Laboratory 2
Advanced Software Engineering 3
High-level Digital Chip Synthesis Laboratory 2
Digital Signal Processor project Laboratory 2
Networks Laboratory 2
Satellite Communication Systems 3
Optical Fiber Communication Systems 3
Communication Systems Laboratory 2
Data and Computer Communications 3
Broad-band Networks 3
Database System Applications 3
Design internship program for mobile devices 2

The Courses of Mechanical Automation
Mechanics of Engineering I 3
Mechanics of Materials 3
Applied Electronics 2
Precision Measurement and Practice 3
Mechanics of Engineering Π 3
Mechanical Manufacturing 3
Mechanism 3
Engineering Statistics 3
Sequence Control 2
Sequence Control Laboratory 1
Mechanics of Engineering Π 3
Computer Programming Language 3
Automatic Control 3
Production Planning and Management 3
Mechanical Design I 3
Computer-Aided Design 3
Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery 3
Practical Projects Ⅰ 2
Mechanical Design Π 3
Practical Projects II 2
Electronic 3
Engineering Materials 3
Material Testing 1
Machine Shop Practice 1
Applied Electronics Practice 1
Industrial Electronics Control 3
Thermodynamics 3
Pneumatics 2
Pneumatics Practice 1
Mechanics of Engineering Ⅰ 3
Eundamental & practice of Electrical Engineering 3
Electrical Machinery 3
Microcomputer Control Laboratory 3
Engineering MathematicsⅢ 3
RFID Electronic System Architecture 3
Macaronis 3
Motor Control 3
Design of Control Systems 3
Theory of Sensors and Transducers 3
Digital Control System 3
Theory and Practice of Artificial Intelligence 3
Introduction of Industry Analysis and Strategic Management 3
Introduction of Engineering Project Control 2
Manufacture & business Integrated Information system 3
Design of Digital Circuit System 3
Numerical Analysis 3
Statistical Process Control 3
Kinematics of Plane mechanisms 3
Production Control Information Systems 3
Engineering Materials 3
Material Testing 1
Machine Shop Practice 1
Applied Electronics Practice 1
Mechanics of EngineeringⅢ 3
Thermodynamics 3
Pneumatics 2
Pneumatics Practice 1
Mechanics Engineering 3
Eundamental & practice of Electrical Engineering 3
Introduction to Mold and Die Engineering 3
Introduction of Development of Opto-Mechatronics Equipment 3
New Product Design and Development 3
Modeling of Dynamic Systems 3
Metal Forming 3
Quality Engineering 3
Computer aided machining and Manufacturing 3
Mechanical Vibrations 3
Introduction to Railway Engineering 3
Computer Aided Industrial Design 3
Mold and Die Manufacturing 3
Introduction of Basic Form Design 3
Surface Engineeting 3
Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping 3
Design & Analysis of Metal Die Mold 3
Plastic Injection Mold Design and Analysis 3
Finite Element Method 3
Introduction to Micro-electromechanical System 3
Stamping Dies Design 3
Precision Cutting 3
Computer Aided Industrial Design 3
Mold and die Materials and Heat treatment 3
Mechanical Structure and Vibration 3
Design and application of geometrical optics 3
Product Design Rendering Techniques 3
Introduction of Engineering Project Control 2
Practice of Precision Manufacturing Ⅰ 3
Practice of Production Engineering Ⅰ 3
Practice of Quality Control I 3
Vehicle Engineering 3
Non-traditional manufacturing 3
Practice on Metal Forming Die Design 3
Stamping Dies Analysis 3
Plastics Engineering 3
Microsystems Fabrication Processes and Experiments 3
Physical Metallurgy Principle Application 3
Introduction to Precision and Micro Mold Technology 3
Practice Projects 3
Ultrasound Theory and Applications 3
Special Topics:Precise Micro-Feature Mold Insert Technology 3
Innovation and Design-Around 3
Special Topics in Stamping Die Design 3
Introduction on Precision Machining 3
Vehicle Dynamic Analysis 3
Design and applications of LED lighting 3
Practice of Quality Control I 3
Practice of Precision Manufacturing Ⅱ 3
Practice of Production Engineering Ⅱ 3